Infranode acquires a stake in two biogas assets from Danish biogas platform Renegas

Infranode acquires a stake in two biogas assets from Danish biogas platform Renegas

Nordic infrastructure investor Infranode has today completed the acquisition of a 49% stake in two biogas assets from Renegas A/S (Renegas). The investment marks Infranode’s first biogas investment and the start of a collaboration to create a biogas platform, further accelerating the phase out of fossil fuels.  

The investment covers Renegas’ two biogas plants Thorsø and Foersom, which currently produce about 160 GWh of biogas each year. Renegas is a recently established platform for development, acquisition, and operation of biogas. With Infranode’s investment, the capacity of the facilities is planned to double by the end of 2026. There is additional potential for further investments with Renegas, with an established pipeline for add-on opportunities and expansions.

“We are constantly looking to find new ways to propel the green transition, with infrastructure serving as catalyst for innovation and change. This investment marks an important leap forward in addressing the development of a sustainable agriculture and food production by removing emissions from manure – the primary source of greenhouse gasses”, says Silas Harbo, Country manager & Head of Investments Denmark at Infranode.

Leveraging new technologies, the plants can also play a vital role in accelerating the development of the next generation green fuels for aviation and shipping. In addition, Renegas has leading expertise in the sale of gas and green certificates as well as CO2 advisory, allowing them to realize the subsidy-free biogas plants of the future based on green contracts with end customers. Foersom is the first Danish biogas plant operating independent of state subsidies.

“Renegas is a reliable partner for both local communities and Infranode, supporting our strategy of providing essential infrastructure and being a long-term partner for local and regional communities. We are very happy to strengthen our collaboration, enabling us to explore new ways to unlock untapped potential and leverage each other’s expertise in closing the gap between where the society is at today and the needs of the future”, says Harbo.

“Being a unique platform for development, acquisition and operation of biogas plants, Renegas has a key function in phasing out fossil fuels in a variety of sectors. Our partnership with Infranode – with a starting point in our strong alignment on vision – has us positioned to make a significant mark on the green transition, and we are very excited to take the next step on this journey”, says Knud Boesgaard, CEO at Renegas.

The acquisition will not affect the Renegas’ brand or lead to changes in the company’s personnel, operations, customer service, or organisational structure.

Contact information

Cornelia Böttiger
Communications Manager
+46 (0) 735 15 41 06

Silas Harbo
Head of investments, Denmark
+45 23 82 07 36

Knud Boesgaard
CEO Renegas

About Renegas

Renegas A/S is a Danish producer of biomethane with strong competencies in certifications and sustainability assessments for biomethane. The company has a special focus on delivering tangible CO2 reductions from biomethane production, enabling society to efficiently collect CO2 and use it as a vital raw material in a future without fossil energy.

Renegas currently owns Foersom Bioenergi and Thorsø Bioenergi and plans to expand the portfolio with additional plants in 2024.