Infranode invests in solar energy and geothermal heat pump energy through long-term partnership with Eneo

Infranode I has completed its second investment through an agreement with Eneo Solutions AB (“Eneo”) for an investment in distributed solar energy and geothermal heat pump energy assets. In addition to the investment in a portfolio of existing assets, Infranode and Eneo has entered into a partnership agreement to jointly develop and expand the Eneo business over the coming years.

“We are very pleased with our investment in a portfolio of renewable energy assets with a high sustainability factor and stable cash yield returns, and look forward to investing an additional SEK 500 million as the Eneo team develops new assets for its clients.” says Philip Ajina, Founding Partner of Infranode

Eneo enables real estate owners to take part of the ongoing revolution within distributed energy. Eneo helps its clients with the full scope, from the development of a strategy to subscribing to solar and geothermal heat pump energy as an uncomplicated service. Eneo was founded in 2013 and is partly owned by the founders.

“Both solar and geothermal heat pump energy generation are by now proven technologies. The investment is complementary to our existing and coming investments in district heating.”  says Christian Doglia, Founding Partner of Infranode

“Our clients are real estate owners and corporates that want to take a leading position in the transition to a fully renewable energy system and inspire others to take actions. Through the partnership with Infranode, Eneo will continue to expand in the Swedish market and help more to gain access to solar and geothermal heat pump energy in an efficient and responsible manner.” says Wilhelm Löwenhielm, CEO and co-founder of Eneo

Infranode was advised by Roschier, Deloitte and Sweco.

For further information contact:

Christian Doglia

+46 73 320 7487

Philip Ajina

+46 70 755 99 78