Infranode finances Sweden’s largest solar park

The deal is signed and ready – the foundation works for Sweden’s largest solar park will start soon. The park will be located outside of Linköping and produce the same amount of electricity as the consumption of 2 300 homes over a year. Infranode will finance the park and Eneo Solutions will build, operate and maintain it.

Swedbank announced in June that they had signed a letter of intent with Infranode’s partner Eneo Solutions for building a solar park. The power purchase agreement is signed, and the construction of the largest solar PV park in Sweden will soon commence.

”This project marks an important milestone in our partnership with Eneo Solutions. We are seeing a huge transformation towards sustainable solutions in the energy sector and our societies, and Infranode wants to contribute to that transformation via this collaboration”, says Carl-Emil Lindholm, Director and Country Lead for Sweden at Infranode.

Infranode and Eneo has a partnership since 2017 with the purpose to finance, build and operate sustainable energy solutions. The cooperation has since August this year been expanded into a unique venture to build sustainable infrastructure for half a billion Swedish kronor over the next few years.

The solar park is an important step, where several stakeholders cooperate to enable the project.

“With the strong cooperation from several stakeholders we now have the deal in place and are ready to start building”, says Joar af Ekenstam, Director for Sales and Marketing at Eneo and project leader for the solar park.

The solar park will be situated north of Linköping next to Gärstadverket and have a size of around 13 hectares. The capacity will be roughly 12 MW. The park will have an annual generation of 11 500 MWh solar energy.

For Swedbank the solar park means that the company will add green electricity to the grid and at the same time they hope to inspire other companies to make similar efforts in renewable energy and sustainability.

“We have said it before, but it is worth repeating: sustainability work is not a competition, everyone must contribute. We are of course hoping that other companies will make similar investments in the future. To actively add new renewable capacity in the grid is an important part of the transition towards a sustainable energy system”, says Fredrik Nilzén, Head of Group Sustainability Swedbank.

For additional information or comments, please contact:

Carl-Emil Lindholm, Country Lead Sweden
+46 70 566 57 36


About Infranode

Infranode is a Swedish long-term infrastructure investor focused on the Nordic countries with an investment horizon of 25 years.

Infranode invests in and owns infrastructure together with other infrastructure stakeholders, which enables stable returns and a positive development for the business and society. The focus is to invest in assets in the energy, transportation, digital and social infrastructure sectors. Investors in Infranode are leading institutional investors and pension funds such as KPA Pension, AP4, Folksam and the European investment bank. Infranode manages 4,5 billion Swedish kronor and has offices in Stockholm, Helsinki and Oslo.

About Eneo Solutions

Eneo offers better electricity to large organizations. Better means cheaper, more predictable costs and greener than the alternatives. Our customer’s sign long-term power purchase agreements, PPA, with us to buy electricity. We finance, build, operate and maintain solar parks to generate the green electricity. Today we own and manage more than 40 PPA based solar facilities for corporations and the public sector.

Read more about Eneo here.